1975 - 2020 Celebrating 45 Years
    Meeting Turbine Operating Challenges
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CTOTF Celebrates its 45th Anniversary Year in 2020!

2020 Conference & Tradeshow

August 23rd - 27th, 2020 - Louisville, KY

Conference Theme: The Year of the Gamble

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In appreciation of their continuing support of CTOTF in these difficult times, we are progressively featuring each of our Super Champions on our home page for several days each. We would appreciate your consideration to give them an opportunity for your business when shopping for your plant's needs!

Dürr Universal

Dürr Universal understands that utility combustion turbines are a substantial capital investment and are critical to a country’s infrastructure. Protection for any combustion turbine begins with a properly sized and maintained air inlet structure, and ends with the noise reducing exhaust system.

 Dürr Universal has 60 years of experience with inlet and exhaust system design, manufacturing and installation. There is a precious balance between air filtration, noise reduction, emissions treatment and turbine efficiency. This is especially relevant as utilities explore strategies for improving turbine output and subsequently requiring more from inlet/filtration and exhaust system.   Dürr Universal has a vast portfolio of gas turbine OEM/retrofit successes with applications from 100kW to several hundred megawatts, and has custom systems on most major turbine brands, including ABB, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Westinghouse, and Solar Turbines.

Our qualified team of engineers and system experts are available to balance your air filtration and acoustic treatment to achieve optimal turbine performance. This industry trusted engineering team can design systems from the structural steel to the stack outlet. Dürr Universal has wholly owned manufacturing facilities building to ISO standards for quality assurance. Our Installation Services team can then take over to assure your project is safe and on schedule. Dürr Universal also has a team of technical design experts ready to perform on-site inspections and present you with a plan to assure your combustion turbine systems get back to optimal performance as soon as possible.