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1001 N. US Hwy 1
Jupiter, FL 33477
Contact: Brian Foley Tel: +1-720-288-3003

Powerphase develops patented systems that help power plants use air more efficiently in both the storage and production of energy. The Company's flagship product, named Turbophase, is a patented, modular system that improves efficiency, power and responsiveness on existing or newly built combustion turbine power plants.

Among other installations, Powerphase has deployed a Turbophase system on a 7FA Gas Turbine. Powerphase installed the upgrade with an 18 hour planned outage in order to meet the summer peak load requirements. The turbophase system demonstrated capability for 5.0% fuel efficiency improvement and 31.5 MW power increase on the 7FA. The system demonstrated as high as 99.3% availability in ambient conditions up to 55 degrees C. The fuel efficiency improvement was demonstrated at both base-load and part-load operating conditions.

Turbophase makes air 40% more efficiently than gas turbines by using a 4 or 5 stage intercooled centrifugal air compressor. And then by using the waste heat from a reciprocating engine to heat up the air to gas turbine compressor discharge temperature. And then injecting that super fuel-efficient air into the gas turbine compressor discharge. The result is a more efficient gas turbine and a cleaner environment!


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