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Power Systems Mfg., LLC
1440 West Indiantown Road Suite 200
Jupiter, FL 33458
Contact: Katie Koch Tel: 832-301-2388
Contact: Jeff Benoit Tel: 561-354-1418
FAX: 561-354-1199
10+ Years A Super Champion Sponsor

PSM - is a full service provider to gas turbine equipped power plants, offering technologically advanced aftermarket turbine components & performance upgrades, parts reconditioning, field services and flexible Long Term Agreements (LTAs) to the worldwide power generation industry.  Our product lines include stationary and rotating compressor and turbine airfoils, ultra-low emission combustion systems, and other capital parts for Frame 6B, 7E/EA, 9E, 7F and 9F machines as well as the 501B6, 501D5 and 501F engines.

About PSM:
Since 1999, PSM has evolved from a leading supplier of technologically advanced aftermarket gas turbine parts to a full scope gas turbine service provider offering solutions including total plant support in the global power industry. PSM operates worldwide. At our global headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, we employ over 300 people including R&D engineers with extensive experience in the aero, thermal, mechanical and combustion disciplines of gas turbine and military jet engine design, as well as a staff of component repair experts and field service specialists.

High performance parts that improve customer maintenance costs.
Every new PSM component and system begins with the belief that we can offer something better. Our parts incorporate the latest engineering improvements, materials, coatings and aero-thermal designs leveraging the industry knowledge of our team and feedback from field-run hardware.  As a result, the performance and durability equal, and often exceed, anything available from any other source - including the original gas turbine manufacturer (OEM).

Parts reconditioning with engineering insight:
PSM provides a full spectrum of parts repair services backed by PSM engineering, and advanced innovative technology.

Structured Service Agreements (SSA's) to fit your needs:
PSM offers comprehensive and flexible SSA's for B, E and F-Class gas turbines including total plant support. PSM SSA's are structured to meet the specific needs of each individual plant and account for changing market conditions.  Our agreements incorporate state-of-the-art PSM parts, repair technology, field services global monitoring & diagnostics and engineering services to optimize maintenance budgets and lower our customers' costs over the life of the agreement.


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