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National Electric Coil
800 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212-0370
Contact: Howard Moudy Tel: 724-787-4967
Contact: Jane A. Hutt Tel: 360-753-9126
FAX: 614-488-8892
E-mail: NEC Service

NEC is a leader in the maintenance, repair and upgrading of air- and hydrogen-cooled turbogenerators.

In addition to stator and rotor rewinds, related services include testing, condition assessments, failure analysis, and engineering design. NEC’s Service Facility in Columbus, Ohio, which focuses on turbogenerator rotors, also includes a high-speed balance pit equipped to address a full range of running and overspeed, electrical and mechanical testing.

The Service Facility specializes in all types of rotor repairs (including TILs/OMMs) and upgrades, as well as the repair and refurbishment of exciters. At the owner’s site, NEC’s experienced field services personnel carry out various types of inspections, testing and field repairs to stators or rotors; stator rewinds and rewedges, and core repair-replacement projects. NEC is the largest independent winding manufacturer for generator stator and rotor windings.


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