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Combustion Parts Inc. Logo
Combustion Parts Inc.
1770 Gillespie Way, Suite 111
El Cajon, CA 92020
Contact: Lori Jenks Tel: (858) 759-3320 x101
Contact: Markus Tel: (858) 759-3320 x114
10+ Years A Champion/Super Champion Sponsor Lori Jenks - Best Presentation Fall 2013

Combustion Parts Inc., (CPI), is the leading new replacement parts provider

for the combustion section of GE Gas Turbines.

• Transition piece, cap and liner assemblies, as well as related hardware
• Frame 6B, 7B, 7E/EA, 7FA, and 9E GE Gas Turbines

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Established in 2000, CPI has delivered over 3,800 transition pieces and liners to customers:
  • No fit-up issues or warranty claims.
  • 3rd party inspections on all assemblies
  • Parts available in 0 - 8 weeks.
With over 9,400,000 fired hours on their combustion assemblies in the last 10 years, CPI offers:
  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our management team made 20,000+ assemblies for the OEM
  • True OEM-equivalent parts:  We are the ONLY after-market provider offering exact replicas of OEM TPs, caps, and liners, with no redesigns or work-arounds
  • Quality and Value:  CPI’s prices are typically 30 to 50% below the OEM, 100% of CPI’s parts are 3rd-party inspected, and our quality standards meet or exceed the OEM.



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