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    Meeting Turbine Operating Challenges
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B&W Universal

1925 Hwy 51/138
Stoughton, Wi 53589

Contact: Bill Grace Tel: 888-300-4272
Contact: Dawn Auby Tel: 608-877-7231

We at B&W Universal are very excited to share with you that we were awarded the 2014 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award Click Here for details.
B&WUniversal (formerly Universal AET) is a global leader in providing solutions to the challenges companies face in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation markets. We offer many services, including the design, manufacture, turn key and service for filtration, noise control and emission reduction systems. OEMs, packagers and end-users in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Locomotive & Marine industries have relied on B&W Universal to provide solutions for their most challenging applications. B&W Universal offers a complete line of products and services from the inlet to the tip of the exhaust for your engine and turbine needs as well as Industrial Process applications.

B&W Universal has full scale design, manufacturing and sales facilities internationally, including the US, UK, Singapore, India and our most recent office in Houston, Texas, USA. We look forward to working with you on your companies' initiatives from any location you require.



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