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Vice Chair Regulatory & Compliance (NERC/FERC) Roundtable
Steve Arreguin, Vice Chair Regulatory & Compliance (NERC/FERC) Roundtable
Steve Arreguin
NERC Program Manager
IHI Power Services Corp.

Steve Arreguin has over 30 years’ experience in EHS programs, regulatory compliance, plant management, project engineering, Lean-Six-Sigma, and thermal system analysis. Steve is currently the IPSC program manager responsible for NERC compliance. Steve is a member of several NERC-related subcommittees in the Western Interconnection Forum (WICF) including the Generator Focus Group, the Event Analysis Focus Group, the Internal Controls Focus Group, and the Protective Relay Focus Group. He has worked on NERC compliance projects in various Regional Reliability Organizations (RRO) including WECC, FRCC, and RF.

Steve joined IHI Power Services Corp. from Exelon/Constellation Energy where he served as the Biomass Plant Manager for Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station. During his tenure at Constellation, he led the RB Rocklin and RB Fresno Biomass Turn-Around Project team to complete a $24M project on schedule and within budget. Prior to joining Constellation Energy, Steve managed the HB Fuller Maintenance Group and wastewater treatment facility. He also served as the Applied Engineering Program Manager for the Standard Missile Program at Aerojet Propulsion Division.

He completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering degree and a Masters in Public Administration degree, both from the University of Southern California. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA. He has also served as adjunct faculty for the University of Phoenix, and in 2006, was awarded Instructor of the year for the School of Undergraduate Business.

Steve is happy to bring his knowledge and skills to support the CTOTF Regulatory Roundtable as Vice Chair.

Position Objective: To provide incremental business value to the CTOTF™ membership by facilitating communications, information, and discussion among CTOTF™ members, equipment manufacturers, and service providers for the Regulatory & Compliance (NERC/FERC) Roundtable and to assist the Regulatory & Compliance Roundtables Chair in planning and conducting the Regulatory & Compliance Roundtables .
Position:Users' Registration FormDuties and Responsibilities

This Roundtable is provided for Member Users, to exchange information regarding issues and concerns, affecting the CT power producing industry with respect to NERC/FERC.

Discussion topics for this Roundtable include: Regulatory interface and compliance.