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Chair Environmental Systems Roundtable
Chair Regulatory & Compliance (Air & Water) Roundtable
Kimberly Williams
Manager, Environmental Services
NV Energy, Inc.

Kim has worked in the power generation industry for 16 years.  She earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas in 1991.

Kim started her career with ARCO Oil and Gas Company as a facility engineer in the oil fields of west Texas, later moving to California.  In the late 90’s, she transitioned to environmental work for Berry Petroleum Company, and soon after that took an environmental advisor position with Chevron Global Power.

Kim has been with NV Energy since 2005, during which time she has been involved with the commissioning of 21 new combustion turbines.  Kim manages environmental permitting and compliance for the company’s gas- and oil-fired generating fleet.

In 2012, Kim accepted the responsibilities of the Chair for the Regulatory and Compliance (Air & Water) Roundtable and in 2015 became the Chair of the Environmental Systems Roundtable.
Position Objective:  To provide incremental business value to the CTOTF™ membership by facilitating communications, information, and discussion among CTOTF™ members, equipment manufacturers, and service providers for the Environmental Systems (Air & Water) Roundtable and to plan and conduct the Spring and Fall Environmental Systems Roundtable.
Position:Regulatory & Compliance (Air & Water) Chair Position Duties and ResponsibilitiesDuties and Responsibilities
This Roundtable is provided for Member Users, to exchange information regarding issues and concerns, affecting components typically associated with Air and Water Environmental Systems.

Discussion topics for this forum include: Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems, Water Treatment and Waste Systems and Emissions.