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Chair Pratt & Whitney Combustion Turbine Users' Roundtables
Jim Riddle, Chair Pratt & Whitney Combustion Turbine Users Roundtable
James H. Riddle
Production Manager
Smiths Station, Alabama

Jim served in the United States Navy from 1970 through 1974. He was a Machinist Mate aboard two new constructions: the U.S.S. Shreveport and the nuclear air craft carrier, Nimitz.

He has fifteen years of electrical engineering/management experience in the textile production industry and twelve years of management experience in the power production industry.

Jim has earned an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration along with numerous certifications. He has also served on several IEEE Committees as well as one cycle on the National Electrical Code Committee.

In addition, he has served as the President of the Alabama Limousin Breeder Association, a member of the North American Limousin Foundation and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, as well as an avid entrepreneur. He has two successful children who have graced him with four grandchildren.

Jim accepted the role as Vice Chairman for the Pratt & Whitney (FT4) Combustion Turbine Users' Roundtable in the fall of 2010 and in the Spring of 2012 accepted the duties and responsibilities of the Chairmanship of the Pratt & Whitney Combustion Turbine Users' Roundtables.

Vice Chair Pratt & Whitney FT4 & FT8 Users Roundtable
Bill Clark, Vice Chair PWPS FT4 & FT8 Users Roundtable
Bill Clark
Operations Manager
Exelon Power - Handsome Lake

Bill has been the Operations Manager of Handsome Lake since 2015. He has 14 years of experience operating and maintaining Pratt and Whitney FT-8 Twin Packs. He handles various responsibilities which include project management, outage management, site NERC SME, environmental compliance and IT issues.

Bill did spend six months aiding in the start-up of the first PWPS FT-4000 located in Maryland when he was asked to return to Handsome Lake because the current Operations Manager position was vacated.

He has a broad background which includes a Shift Team Leader in the start-up of a fiberboard plant, Quality Manager of an ISO 9001 electronics manufacturing facility, and service on a submarine in the US Navy.

Bill received his BS in Technical Management from DeVry University with a focus on Project Management.

He served as vice Chair from 2006 to 2008 on the Pratt and Whitney User group and Chair of the group from 2009 until 2011.

Bill has served as the Vice Chair of the PWPS FT4 & FT8 Users Roundtable since Spring 2016.

Position Objective: To provide incremental business value to the CTOTF™ membership by facilitating communications, information, and discussion among CTOTF™ members, equipment manufacturers, and service providers for the Pratt & Whitney fleet of combustion turbines .
Position:Pratt & Whitney RTs Chair Position Duties and ResponsibilitiesDuties and Responsibilities