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Chair General Turbines Roundtable
Matt Richards, Chair General Turbines Roundtable
Matt Richards
Plant Manager
Heorot Power Management

Matt is currently responsible for the management of a 134 MW combined-cycle facility near Los Angeles, CA in the City of Vernon, where he has operated the facility since 2006, shortly after commercial operation of the new facility.

Matt began his career in the Power Generation Industry in 2001, starting with Calpine in their commissioning group. As a commissioning team member, Matt participated in the final construction /commissioning phase of 6 combined-cycle power plants all around the country, ranging from simple-cycle peaking facilities to 600+ MW combined cycle facilities. Matt gained significant operations, maintenance, and critical thinking experience during this time spent with the commissioning teams, building on his foundation of plant O&M knowledge that has helped attain his current position as Plant Manager.

After leaving the commissioning group in 2005, Matt transferred within Calpine to an operations position in South Carolina, where he met his wife, shortly before moving to Las Vegas for another operations opportunity in 2006. Later that same year, Matt accepted a Control Room Operator position at the Vernon facility, soon after being promoted to Lead Operator, then O&M Manager, and finally Plant Manager in 2014.

Matt has served as the Chair of the General Turbines Roundtable since Fall 2016.


Position Objective: To provide incremental business value to the CTOTF™ membership by facilitating communications, information, and discussion among CTOTF™ members, equipment manufacturers, and service providers for all types of Combustion Turbines, and to present items of general interest for all users.