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Chair Solar Roundtable
Will Chen, Chair Solar Combustion Turbine Users Roundtable
William Chen, P.E.
Operations Engineer
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

William is the operations engineer at the Calabasas Gas-to-Energy Facility for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts.  He has been with the Districts since 2004 working as a Student Intern in Energy Recovery Section and has rotated around the agency, gaining experience at the multiple Waste-to-Energy Facilities operated by LACSD.

Since being hired as a full time engineer in 2009, he has helped facilitate the startup of Calabasas Gas-to-Energy Facility utilizing three of the first Solar Turbines Mercury 50’s fueled by landfill gas and is responsible for the Operations and Maintenance of the plant.

William received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles and his M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California .  He currently resides in Pasadena, CA where he is registered as a Professional Engineer.

In the fall of 2012 William accepted the duties and responsibilities associated with the chairmanship of the Solar Combustion Turbine Users' Roundtable.

Position Objective: To provide incremental business value to the CTOTF™ membership by facilitating communications, information, and discussion among CTOTF™ members, equipment manufacturers, and service providers for the Solar fleet of combustion turbines .
Position:Solar Users RT Chair Position Duties and ResponsibilitiesDuties and Responsibilities
This Roundtable is provided for Member Users, to exchange information towards the resolution of problems, issues and concerns pertaining to the Solar fleet of combustion turbines.

Discussion topics for this forum include: Centerline Equipment and Components, Ancillary Equipment, Inlets, Exhausts, Controls and Protection, Inlet Air Conditioning and Performance Testing of these systems.