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CTOTF is proud to incorporate a Leadership Development curriculum to our attendees as an additional option when attending our conferences.

CTOTF will offer two, four hour courses or roundtable sessions per conference with a variety of topics.

Content will be gas turbine / energy utility focused with real world case studies and applicability

CTOTF Super Champion sponsors may attend the Leadership round table sessions for a nominal fee*

Courses will be offered under 2 program headings:
  • Tactical Leadership focused on day-to-day skills and decision making
  • Visionary Leadership focused on more abstract concepts and global application


A CTOTF Leader is someone who has demonstrated leadership characteristics and is recognized by their industry peers as an individual capable of making thoughtful, informed decisions, providing guidance to others, and presenting themselves in a professional manner.

Each certified CTOTF Leader will:

  • Receive an official CTOTF Leadership Certificate signed by the CTOTF Executive Board sponsor
  • Be presented their certification in front of industry peers at a CTOTF recognition ceremony
  • Be listed in POWER Magazine as a CTOTF Leader

To become a CTOTF Leader Requires:

  • 16 hours (4 roundtable sessions) of CTOTF Tactical Leadership coursework
  • 16 hours (4 roundtable sessions) of CTOTF Visionary Leadership coursework
  • 8 additional hours (2 roundtable sessions) of either Tactical or Visionary coursework – electives
  • Formally presenting during a CTOTF roundtable session (minimum 1 hour presentation)
CTOTF will maintain a member roster for courses completed on our CTOTF Bulletin Board.

CTOTF Leadership Courses

Tactical Leadership Courses

  • Project Management - Fall 2017
  • Performance Management
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Casual Analysis Techniques - Fall 2017
  • Lean Process Improvement
  • RFP Development & Bid Evaluations
  • Advanced Time Management
  • Lessons Learned & Corrective Actions

Visionary Leadership Courses

  • Business Planning & Business Acumen
  • Leading Yourself & Others - Spring 2018
  • Selling Your Ideas
  • Leading Change - Spring 2018
  • Media Management
  • Recruitment, Training, and Retaining - Fall 2018
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Networking

Additional course offerings may be available on an ad-hoc basis based on availability