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Executive Vice Chair Turbine Rountables
Greg Dolezal, Senior Chair Aero Derivatives Users Roundtable
Gregory Dolezal
Maintenance Manager
Iberdrola Renewables, Klamath Cogeneration
Phone: (541) 850-6132
Email: gregory.dolezal@avangrid.com

Greg began his power career 25 years ago in the US Navy as a Gas Turbine Electrical Specialist.  Serving from 1987 through 1993, Greg sailed aboard the USS Paul F. Foster, Uss John Paul Jones and the USS Jason.

When he left the military he bagan working in CCGT plants in California and Nevada operating and maintaining LM2500 machines.  Greg moved to the Klamath Cogeneration Project in 2000 as a Senior Operator and helped the facility accomplish startup of two Siemens 501FD2 units and an Alstom Steam Turbine.  In 2001 Klamath installed a peaking facility utilizing two Pratt & Whitney FT8-1 Twin Pacs.  In 2004 Greg was promoted to Operations Supervisor taking responsiblility of his entire team.  He was promoted again in 2009 to his current position of Maintenance Manager overseeing both facilities.

As Maintenance Manager, Greg has managed projects such as the control system retrofit of the Pratt & Whitney TwinPacs; upgrading the Siemens 501FD2 units to FD3; two generator rewind projects and Siemens T3000 control system retrofit.  Greg is an instrumental component in the team's efforts in Klamath Energy achieving and maintaining VPP and ISO 14001 status and he is responsible for compliance as a NERC critical asset.

Greg has been a member of CTOTF for over 15 years and in 2012 accepted the role as vice chair of the Pratt & Whitney FT4 Users Roundtable.  He has also served as the Senior Chair for the AeroDerivitives Roundtables. In Fall 2017 he accepted the Executive Vice Chair Turbine Roundtables Position

Position Objective: To provide leadership and strategic direction by creating and administering organizational and Roundtable support programs that promote growth and stability to the CTOTF™ organization and provide incremental value to the User community.
Position:CTOTF Executive Vice Chair Turbine Roundtables Position Duties and ResponsibilitiesDuties and Responsibilities