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CTOTF Webmasters & Asst. to Exec. Vice Chair Operations
Beth Doyle
Beth Doyle

Beth Doyle has over fifteen years of experience in the Meetings and Hospitality Industry. Beth started her career working behind the scenes in meeting & event planning, handling registration builds and attendee management. She has added other areas of responsibilities including virtual meetings management, social media marketing and meeting app platforms management.

Beth’s professional skills, dedication and experience ensures she will achieve highly successful meetings and events. She is looking forward to helping CTOTF have successful meetings and make it the best experience possible for everyone involved.

Christine Doyle
Christine Doyle, CMP

Christine Doyle, CMP has over twenty years of experience in the Meetings and Hospitality Industry and is a designated Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). Christine’s experiences include managing logistics and all aspects of meetings & events ranging from 10 to 10,000 attendees. She currently focuses on face-to-face and virtual meetings, events and webinars and specializes in website maintenance, attendee and virtual app platform management, as well as conference marketing and attendee communication.

Christine’s attention to detail and superior communication skills is a priority and ensures that her groups have the best outcome no matter what it takes. She is looking forward to helping CTOTF become the top Users Group in the industry.

Beth & Chris joined the CTOTF™in Fall 2020 as assistants to the Executive Vice Chair of Operations in supporting the running of the conferences, and the day to day maintenance of the forum and website.