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Executive Vice Chair Media
Zach Cowart
James Zachary Cowart
Asset Management and Outage Planning Manager
Tennessee Valley Authority

James (A.K.A. "Zach") earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Mercer University in 1999, and began work as a systems engineer for TVA’s fleet of combustion turbines. As an engineer in the combustion turbine organization, he supported major outage work, GE 7EA unit and plant commissioning activities, all component repair work and system wide projects.

From 2008-2010, Zach served as the Outage Manager for TVA’s fleet for combined and simple cycle gas turbine plants. In this role his responsibilities included overall outage and major project planning, execution and general management, long range business planning, and contract management.

From 2010-2012, Zach served as the Operation Planning Manager for TVA’s Fossil Power Generation division. In this role he managed the long range outage plan and power system planning inputs, and tracked strategic performance indicators such as EAF, EFOR, and starting reliability.

In 2012, Zach returned Gas Operations managing regional outage departments and aligning the performance of TVA’s simple and combined cycle fleets with overall system demand to meet long range strategic goals.

Most recently (January 2014), Zach has accepted a position managing the Design Engineering department for all of TVA’s coal, gas, and hydro projects.

Zach has previously served as the CTOTF™'s Vice Chair for the Mitsubishi Users' Roundtable since its inception in 2008, as the Co-Vice Chair for the Siemens (F & G Class) Users' Roundtable, as the Chair of the GE (E & EA Class) Roundtable and as of the Fall of 2014 Zach became the Executive Vice Chair of the CTOTF™'s Combustion Turbine Roundtables. In Spring of 2017 Zach accepted the Executive Vice Chair of the newly formed Leadership Roundtable. In 2020 Zach accepted the Executive Vice Chair of Media position.

Position Objective: To provide leadership and strategic direction by creating and administering organizational and Roundtable support programs that promote growth and stability to the CTOTF™ organization and provide incremental value to the User community. To promote the organization using the newest forms of social media.