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Executive Vice Chair Growth & Development
Rich Evans
Richard W. Evans
Plant Manager, Marsh Run Power Plant
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC)

Richard (A.K.A. "Rich") is a seasoned leader in the Electric Utility Industry with over 30 years of experience in both Generation and T&D. Rich began his career with the Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) in nuclear power operations in 1983. He quickly advanced through the ranks and in 1985 was promoted to the Field Engineering and Test of the Electric Test Department of BGE.

In 1994 he was promoted to Operations Analyst of System Operations and then Supervisor of Transmission Substations for O&M in 1997. In 1998 he was promoted to manage Safety & Training programs for the T&D divisions of BGE serving over 1500 employees. In 2000, Rich was promoted to Plant Manager and since then has managed multiple facilities.  His management experience spans across multiple technologies including P&W FT-8 aero-derivatives, Mitsubishi 501G’s combined cycle and GE 7FA’s simple cycle respectively.

Rich joined the CTOTF™in 2001 as the founding Chair of the Pratt & Whitney FT-8 Roundtable. Additionally, he served as Executive Vice Chair of Power Systems and since the fall of 2013 has served the CTOTF™ as the Executive Vice Chair Turbines. As of the Fall of 2014 Rich assumed the responsibilities as the CTOTF™'s Executive Vice Chair of Growth & Development.

Position Objective: To provide leadership and strategic direction by creating and administering organizational and Roundtable support programs that promote growth and stability to the CTOTF™ organization and provide incremental value to the User community.
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