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Executive Vice Chair Growth & Development
Bill Clark, Chair CT Tech Roundtable
Bill Clark
Site Manager
Exelon Power - Handsome Lake

Bill has been the Site Manager of Handsome Lake since 2015. He has 14 years of experience operating and maintaining Pratt and Whitney FT-8 Twin Packs. He handles various responsibilities which include oversight of site safety, operations and maintenance, projects,  outage management, NERC, environmental compliance and IT issues.

Bill spent six months aiding in the start-up of the first PWPS FT-4000 located in Maryland when he was asked to return to Handsome Lake to serve in the Operations Manager position.

He has a broad background which includes a Shift Leader in the start-up of a fiberboard plant, Quality Manager of an ISO 9001 electronics manufacturing facility, and service on a submarine in the US Navy.

Bill received his BS in Technical Management from DeVry University with a focus on Project Management.

He served on the PW Power Systems User group as Vice Chair from 2006 to 2008 and as Chair from 2009 until 2011.  Bill again volunteered in 2016 and chaired in that role until 2018. In 2018 he volunteered to head the CT-Tech Roundtable. In 2019 he volunteered to serve as the Executive Vice Chair of Growth & Development.

Position Objective: To provide leadership and strategic direction by creating and administering organizational and Roundtable support programs that promote growth and stability to the CTOTF™ organization and provide incremental value to the User community.
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