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Chairman Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum (CTOTF™)
Jack Borsch
John E. Borsch
Vice President of Operations
IHI Power Services Corp.

Borsch is a three plus-decade veteran of the electric power industry, serving as an engineer, maintenance manager, plant manager, electric utility Director, and now Vice President of Operations for IHI Power Services.

Before joining IHI, he was the Utility Director for the City of Lake Worth,  Vice President at Colectric Partners, and manager of California Plant Assets for Colorado Energy Management, LLC. He was also previously the engineering manager for RRI Energy, with responsibility for major maintenance, upgrades, and engineering changes to generation assets in California, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, and Florida.

John, (A.K.A. "Jack") has been an active participant of the CTOTF™ for over 20 years having previously been the Executive Vice Chair of the CTOTF™'s Power Systems' Roundtables, as well as the Executive Vice Chair Combustion Turbine Users' Roundtbles and too having chaired the Siemens Roundtables.

And now he is currently serving as the Chair of the CTOTF™, having acepted the position in the fall of 2013.

Position Objective: To increase the CTOTF™’s  value to the User community by  the provision of effective leadership and strategic direction that results in the sustained growth and long-term stability of the CTOTF™ organization.  To be an advocate for the CTOTF™ within the power industry.
Position:CTOTF Chair Position Duties and ResponsibilitiesDuties and Responsibilities

CTOTF Mission Statement

To be the premier forum for the exchange of information and experiences related to the design, operations and maintenance of combustion turbine and combined cycle power plants, and to provide a collective voice for its members to express issues and concerns to the combustion turbine industry.