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As part of CTOTF™'s on-going efforts to provide positive business value to its membership CTOTF™ launched, in the spring of 2006, a custom-designed Internet Bulletin Board Communication Service (IBBCS).
The "Bulletin Board" serves as a dynamic technical resource and a means to fulfill the commitment to provide transparent communications among combustion gas turbine users.  It enables quick 365/24/7 communications to help solve an immediate need, such as obtaining assistance with specific OEM related operating issues or locating a part for an ongoing outage. The CTOTF™ IBBCS has established itself as an effective network of “go-to” colleagues for answers to problems or when another viewpoint is necessary.  For ease of use and so as to be consistent with the structure of the CTOTF™'s bi-annual Turbine Conferences, it is organized by Roundtable.
The Technical Database: Since its inception the CTOTF™ IBBCS has amassed over 350 technical presentations encompassing a myriad of subjects related to the maintenance and operation of combustion gas turbine electric generating plants. Specific topics of interest can be readily accessed within this database of information through a built-in keyword search feature available with the IBBCS.  In addition, when permitted, many of these presentations include the audio of the original presentation, denoted as Voice Over Power Point (VOPP).
To gain access to this free CT industry technical resource click here and complete the form.  Once your eligibility has been confirmed you will receive your username and password via Email.
NOTE: This service is available to employees of of companies who either have an equity interest in, are currently operating, have under construction, or have a valid contract for delivery of combustion turbine units. Within the companies that meet these criteria, IBBCS access /conference attendance shall be limited to individuals who are directly involved in the operation or maintenance of the unit.