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CT-Tech™ is a training opportunity for today's power plant operations and maintenance personnel offered by the CTOTF™ to Conference Attendees. CT-Tech™ provides expanded instruction and training in plant operations and design theory on user-identified subjects.

Specialized training programs in support of combustion turbine operations are not generally available to the user community. Recognizing this industry need, CTOTF™ responded by providing this cost effective training opportunity for CTOTF™ conference attendees. These training programs are intended to meet the requirements of people already engaged in combustion gas turbine power plant operations and maintenance.  However, they could also be of considerable benefit to new entrants in the field of gas turbine combustion.

CT-Tech™ training sessions are conducted at each CTOTF™ semi-annual User conferences. Typically two courses are provided at each conference.  They are free to pre-registered conference attendees and are usually held in the evenings and are typically 2-3 hours in duration with dinner being provided.

Instruction is provided by subject matter experts selected from the combustion turbine industry.
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